Director's Welcome

Hannah Baidoo-Dedzi

Misson Statement

International Community College is committed to offering high quality education to students through the provision of a modern resourced school. We create in student's international mindedness, ethical standards and the respect for different cultures and religion.

Learning Principles

Our learning principles are based on current research and best practices on successful learning. Our learning principles guide our day-to-day practice and serve as an explicit ongoing source for self-assessment and review of teaching practices.These are our learning principles: Learning with understanding is facilitated when new and existing knowledge is structured around the major concepts and principles of the curriculum

Non-Discriminatory Policy

The management of staff for the past seven years has been both exciting and challenging. Staff in the school are well informed every morning during morning meetings. This helps staff in the school to be informed about daily activities, important announcement, daily routines and emergency news.

My work in the school on a daily basis is mostly supervision, observation and learning, I consistently observe lesson plans of my teachers and the primary & secondary principals. This has given me a better understanding of areas of improvement with regards to individual teacher development and future growth.

  • Teacher Observation in lessons

  • Monitoring Staff Attendance

  • Monitoring Staff relationship with students and parents

  • Monitoring and supporting classroom teaching strategies

  • Monitoring Resources being used by staff

  • Staff support to weak students

  • Staff support in completing of scheme of work

  • Cognitive coaching of students to help in addressing academic weakness

  • Staff support during invigilation of Examination during the year

  • Health and Safety Issue regarding students

  • Professional Support to Staff regarding teaching

  • Review of Curriculum

  • Management of Information

  • Standards of teaching and learning

  • Pupil Progress, Pastoral Care and Discipline

These are but a few activities I monitor with my principals to ensure that our students come out as productive, innovative, academic and emotionally intelligent.

Our website may not able to give you all the information about our school, we invite you to visit the school and speak to us.

Thank you

H. Dedzi,

Our Vision

To offer our students world class education grounded in the Christian faith.

Culture and Climate

All leadership activities take place within a cultural context encompassing the school's culture and ethos. The school's culture affects how individuals treat one another, the expectations people have for their own and others' behaviour, and the belief structure underlying school practices.

International Community College is a Christian-based international school and ethics lessons taught are based on the Bible. However, International Community College does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, cultural heritage, political beliefs, and marital status or national origin.




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